Privacy Policy

Last modified 20 July 2013.

Information we collect

We collect information during your registration in the services of NOUS insitute that you provide us , to provide better services to all of our users. Also we collect information about your language, location , software , browser and device you are using.

Usage of information

Our main goal is to provide better services to all of our users.

We use the information we collect to create services based on your personal information and your feedback , so we can respond better to your requests and needs. Also , to customise your browsing and interactivity.

Your information , either personal or private are not going to be shared for the purpose of selling exchange or transfer to other organisations or companies neither individuals without your writtern consent , and only to serve delivery purposes or fullfing a request of services you demanded.

Your e-mail is subject to be used ( as long as you are registered in the services of NOUS ) so we can send you information about changes and updates of our services.

When you contact us , our comunication will be recorded so we will take further actions to solve problems you might get in the future and to serve better ,you and other users of NOUS .

Information Security

We use a range of security measures to ensure the safety of your personal information during your interaction with our services. Your information is accessed only by authorized personal subject to law in the protection of your personal information. If you wish to end our services , your information will be on our server for 2 months before being deleted.


We use cookies to better serve your needs ( if your browser supports ) so we provide better services not only for the current ones but also the ones we are planning to release.

Information withold

Institute Nous doesnt not consent in saling transfer exchange your information to 3rd parties .

Except our trusted collaborators that provide us storage , transfer for data and the requirment technology for the function of our services , and these collaborator's have aggred and are subject to law to ensure the privacy of your information.

As well except in case of law , enforcement of our policy or the protection of individuals rights of another person.